FuoriSalone for friends // Nendo: Trial & Error

PHOTO: Donata Clovis www.donataclovis.com
PHOTO: Donata Clovis http://www.donataclovis.com

What is it? A solo exhibition by Nendo the studio who never stops amazing me. A collection of 200 objects and pieces of furniture arranged in five rooms in a noble 17th century building.

Why is it worth it? Because Nendo (led by Oki Sato) are a certainty. Their motto is «Look for ‘!’», hence stupor. They do it by proposing objects that are so clean and essential that they seem almost aethereal, almost deprived from any physical substance. So here you will find a refuge from PR stunts and shouting objects: no exceedingly bright colours, no bizarre shapes but a poetic visual silence. And things that were actually born from experimentations on materials, manufacturing technologies, and shapes.

Who will like it. Everyone! Expect also a stunning layout, Nendo are good also on this.

Not to miss. There will be many objects that were previously presented. So I am really looking forward to seeing the news ones but above all the gluing element that forms the tale of the exhibitions. (For those who may fall in love with Nendo and who have not had enough of 200 objects, the Japanese studio will also be present in many other locations throughout the Fuori Salone. They have, indeed, designed pieces for Bisazza BagnoLasvitLemaCappelliniYii in Triennale and for the brand K% (I am partucularly curious about this one so I happily share its address: Carrozzeria in Via Tortona 32).

Where. Palazzo Visconti Via Cino del Duca 8, Milano

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Laura Traldi is an Italian freelance journalist, specialized in design. Her portfolio and bio are available on www.lauratraldi.com
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