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Give words some freedom!

Who has never toyed with fonts? Who has never given in to the temptation of selecting one particular word and the click on Symbols to see what comes out of it? Young korean designer Kyuhyung Cho (, you can find … Continue reading

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Injection-moulded concrete. LucidiPevere’s latest idea for Kristalia (we will see it in Koln in January)

After the experimentations that brought them to the development of the beautiful Aplomb lamp for Foscarini (, Italian duo LucidiPevere ( renews now its love for concrete. But forget about the raw look, the surfaces stuck up together and the … Continue reading

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The secret of coolhunting? It’s in your guts. A few words with blogger maximo Costas Voyatzis

The coolest creativity blog? It’s Greek, and it is run by an interior designer who ditched it all for his love of classy curatorship. A few words with Costas Voyatzis, Yatzer’s editor-in-chief. And, according to AD and the Financial Times, … Continue reading

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Can design really make life better? A chat with Jurgen Bey

“I can’t imagine anything worse than sending a group of designers out in a boat with a mission. They would probably end up just asking questions.” Jurgen Bey, designer and director of the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. When did you say … Continue reading

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Designers’ secrets

How do illustrations come to life? Do artists still use pencils and erasors or just computers and tablets? How do ideas spring to mind and how can one articulate them in ever changing concepts? How to translated a thought into … Continue reading

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(Designer) furniture outlet: it’s true!

Always on the lookout for design pieces at interesting prices? Not interested in fakes? (you do well, check out in which nasty circles the money made on copies goes on this previous story: In January you will stand more … Continue reading

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Why we still love Jean Prouvé

When someone asks me what is my favourite piece of furniture, the first one that springs to mind is always, possibly with little fantasy, the Standard chair by Jean Prouvé (today made by Vitra). Tonight Federica Zanco, wife of the … Continue reading

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Do we really like lamps to look like little people?

Turning objects into subjects has been for years a path followed by many designers to foster a greater level of attachment between people and what surrounds them. Results, though, are often disappointing. It’s very easy to get bored with a … Continue reading

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Enlightenment in the Middle Ages

Lighting designer Jean Francois Touchard ( and multimedia artist Jose Cristiani of Cosmo ( have signed this lighting system for the city of Beaune in Burgondy, France, for Italian company iGuzzini ( For those who are not familiar it, Beaune … Continue reading

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Memory game

What do you think about when you see these two towers? Dutch architects  MVRDV ( who designed them, say that they remind them of a cloud. Sadly, though, for thousands of people this residential complex (that is due to be … Continue reading

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