Paper & teatowels with style


A style suggestion from Lambrate, the former working class Milan district now turned into an experimental design hub: to give (designed) wrapping paper as a present. In the catalogue of the exhibition Wrap that he curated (opening tomorrow at the Subalterno1 Gallery in via Conte Rosso 22), Stefano Maffei actually defines wraps as “subtle and suggestive simulacra that replace the present itself with its idea”. A poetic and interesting theory. It would be interesting to swap the Nintendo 3D with a pile of (signed) paper and check out on your kids reaction, just to make sure they capture the meaning of such sophistication… Jokes aside, the artworks (because these, in essence, are the wraps on show) by  AUT, Gianluca Biscalchin, Fabio Bortolani, Stefano Capodieci, Pietro Corraini, Elena Giavaldi, Caterina Giuliani, Leftloft, Studio FM are absolutely delightful. And would certainly make a pleasant cadeau for a graphic design lover, together with the teatowels by Flat Design, a project by Maria Cristina Didero, Susanna and Paola Legrenzi, proposed by Maffei in the same gallery. Beautiful, and super-signed: by Fernando and Humberto Campana, Matali Crasset, Formafantasma, Nicola Gotti, Martì Guixè, Xavier Lust, Laura Massa,Fabio Novembre, Emiliano Ponzi, Pier Paolo Pitacco, Massimo Pitis, Karim Rashid, Harriet Russell, Martin Saemmer, Kiki van Eijk.

Exhibition opening on Dec 6th. 6:30 pm. For info on opening days and times:


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