(Designer) furniture outlet: it’s true!

Always on the lookout for design pieces at interesting prices? Not interested in fakes? (you do well, check out in which nasty circles the money made on copies goes on this previous story: www.lauratraldi.wordpress.com/2011/10/06/vero-o-falso/)? In January you will stand more chances to get what you are looking for, thanks to a new online design outlet,  www.declub.it. Despite appearances, it is no ecommerce but a virtual location on which retails (for the time being only Italian one but soon Europeans and later global) of top design brand will be able to post images and info on selected products that they are ready to sell with discounts of 30% and above. The big names thus put competition aside for once, cluster and bet on the web (and in particular on Facebook: more than 30% of visits to their home pages actually come from the social network!). Their purpose? To approach all design lovers who dream of ‘that’ particular chair, sofa or sink yet cannot afford it at normal prices.

The first spontaneous question is: will be find here only what nobody else wants? Actually, DeClub will work exactly like an outlet: all that has not yet been sold will be made available at an interesting price. The challenge for consumers will be to get to it first, and to get it from the most convenient store. Yes, the sale will not be online but will only occur face to face in the shop itself. Easy if we are talking about a stool in the town 50 cm away. But what happens if my dream kitchen is 1000 km from ? “The costs of the transport will have to be dealt with directly with the shop”, they tell us at DeClub. “But most retailers are equipped to ship products closer to the final destination”. The concept is interesting in that it shows how the net can serve as a bridge between the real and the virtusal world and as an actual support to the retail network that has always been the backbone of all design brands. DeClub was created in partnership with Jakala ebusiness, and the participating brands are so far:Agape (www.agapedesign.it), B&B Italia (www.bebitalia.it), Boffi (www.boffi.com), Cappellini (www.cappellini.it), Cassina (www.cassina.com), Dada (www.dadaweb.it), Maxalto (www.maxalto.it), Molteni & C (www.molteni.it) and Poltrona Frau (www.poltronafrau.it).

Here is the FB page: www.facebook.com/DeClubTheDesignOutlet

The site, still in an experimental phasis, can be accessed with a code (you can get the code from the FB page): www.declub.it

PS: do you want to know in advance what the little cadeau tha they promise you is? an ebook by design critic Susanna Legrenzi (you may know her beautiful online magazine www.bigbenzine.com) about emerging talents. We look forward to seeing it!!


About Laura Traldi

I am a journalist at D la Repubblica. I also have a blog about #design that sometimes makes people talk. Visit www.designatlarge.it
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