Get comfy!

Here is a product that I really like. Svalbard is a pillow that turns into a mini-table, specifically designed to support behaviours that are normally not truly addressed by traditional furniture: such as sitting on the floor with a laptop, often having to juggle with other items such as mobile phones, magazines and, why not, also a nice cup of coffee.

Svalbald addresses the needs of those who prefers such an informal lifestyle by proposing a nice wooden top that gets easily clicked onto the soft pillow (through magnets). The result? Not only extra comfort for the user but also the end of the issue of laptop overheating that occurs when it is positioned onto an irregular surface. It was designed by Paolo dell’Elce and it is produced by Danese.,


About Laura Traldi

I am a journalist at D la Repubblica. I also have a blog about #design that sometimes makes people talk. Visit
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