Dream-like photographs

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Until March 11th, the la Chambre Gallery in Strasbourg www.la-chambre.org, France, will exhibit the work on British photographer Lottie Davies: a series of images that stem from “Memories and Nightmares” (the title of the collection) and that generate dream-like, surrealistic atmospheres and settings.

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It is not by chance that each shot is accompanied by a dense caption (see them on all www.lottiedavies.com) that describes the inspiration for the story – the thoughts, the fears, the lights and the feelings that were behind the idea. A project that – no doubt – was most likely also a liberating activity for the photographer (winner of the Premio Arte Laguna 2011 in Venice and of the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize in 2008) who describes it as follows: “it is inspired by the desire to turn narratives, stemmed from individual experiences, real or fictional, into images. We all have our own tales and myths which we use to tell our lives. In many ways, memories are essentially a human experience, and over the years they can change; for instance, an early childhood memory will be retold and re-remembered, and the way one person describes an event may be different to others’ memory of it”.

Schermata 2012-02-13 a 22.47.16

By crystalizing them in images, Davies wishes to “Cristallizzandoli in immagini, la Davies vuole “to celebrate them and to encourage us to tell us more about ourselves.” Apart from the psychological and anthropological side of the project, which is fascinating indeed, I cannot but admire also the sophistication of the styling and the great emotional and communicative charge that each image brings along. www.lottiedavies.com


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