From Alto Adige to Benevento: Harry Thaler’s new exhibition

1.Harry Thaler - Silk Chandelier, 2012

I like Harry Thaler because his work stems from a love that is immediately perceived as honest and straight forward for daily life and the small things that make it what it is. His favourite object? a carpenter’s tool. The material that he finds most  intreaguing? apple tree wood, which in his birthplace – Alto Adige, in the Italian Dolomites – is plentiful.

3. HARRY THALER - Silk Barrel, 2012, work in progress

In the world of designer-celebrities (where even designers who promote understatement cannot help displaying a certain level of show off – if anything from an intellectual point of view) Harry is like a breath of fresh air. For all these reasons, the new Swing gallery in Benevento has decided to stage his design approach that always originates from putting together elements and materials that are part of a territory or of a time’s identity.  «Harry’s journey toward innovation in design  starts from an analysis of all that makes up a genius loci and from an understanding of traditional know-how » writes  Antonella Palladino, curator of the exhibition Lichtkammer, featuring Thaler’s new work (fino al 5 maggio).  In this case, this is the precious materials from the ancient San Leucio manufacturing site that Harry – for the first time working with noble materials – has used to cover steel lamps shaped as boxes, hand folded and then decorated with scraps of fabrics. He also used them to cover his famous Barrel armchair realized during the oil crisis in 2007 by compressing an oil barrel. An interesting contrast. Until May 5th

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