Glass with an extra: Magique by StudioKlass for Liv’It by Fiam

Schermata 2012-04-08 a 18.38.05

I like Alessio Roscini and Marco Maturo’s work. The two young designers – alias StudioKlass have a good flair for thinking out of the box and to give objects a little bit of extra intelligence that makes them special (without ever giving up their formal honesty, though). Their first product that was known to the large public (mainly through going viral on design blogs) was a lamp-ladder called Sleepy: you would put it next to the wall and thanks to the shade at the top, you would get a nice reflective light. It was produced by Busso (it’s for sale also at the Rinascente in Milan but, helas, for a ridiculously high price, what a pity). They also designed for Diamantini & Domeniconi (a clock and some beautiful ceramic wall plates – no decors but some grooves on the opaque surface, conceived for reflecting light and made with a lovely, lively colour palette). But this table, Magique, for Liv’it by Fiam is without doubt their most important to date. The company is – as all design enthusiasts know – one of the most historical in Italy. It’s indeed a great achievement for the duo to be amongst the greatest names of design today within a Fiam collection. Magique revisits the classic small table to place next to the sofa but it is actually conceived to be used wherever. It features two glass volumes that enter each other and thus create various supporting plans, accessible from all sides. Its beauty? The object actually turns to life in association with the others that it gets into contact with and opens up a whole range of possibilities in terms of decors, reflections, nuances, colours and materials, combined with glass.


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