A bit of order on the web

The other day I stumbled – by chance, a sit occurs on the internet – on a very intriguiging blog called «Things Organized Neatly». It is, as its name says, an astonishing collection of images of objects, people, landscapes, architectures, situations, whatever, arranged in an aesthetically appealing manner. I have to admit that I was instantly drawn to it, and perceived it as some sort of «peaceful oasis» in the virtual ocean of the web whose cacophony I sometimes find rather tiring. After looking at it for a while, though, I also saw a sinister angle to it, like an obsessive response to a compulsory need. I was curious about getting to know more about the person who created it, and here he is.

Who are you ? My name is Austin Radcliffe, I am 25, and I am an art student at Herron School of Art & Design, Indianapolis, USA.

What is your blog concept? Basically, my blog documents all the best ‘organized neatly’ images: ads, photographs, art, et al. It’s an aesthetic style that is happening more and more in advertising and communication, so I’m simply documenting that trend.

Why did you come up with it and when? I started in April 2010. I liked this type of image very much, and there wasn’t a themed blog that was documenting just that kind of photo. So I created a catchy title, and started publishing images!

How many people follow you and why do you think people like your blog? I have over 150.000 subscribers and a lot of them comment on the posts. I have to admit it is tricky at times for me to follow all the comments but in general people definitely respond to the calm, zen-like sensibility of the images. Laying things out like this has many functions in actual practice — for instance in archaeology and think also of Tom Sachs’ knolling habit. But above all the photos are also calming and people, as you said, like an oasis in the ocean mess of the internet.

What’s the nicest comment you have ever received? I particularly liked one of a man who – after seeing my blog – had been trying to organize his son’s salad ingredients neatly in order to intrigue him more into eating it. It apparently worked really well and the man was happy. But then after a few weeks he told me that he was now forced to «arrange the whole dinner neatly» for the whole family which he was not so happy about!

Be honest: do you suffer from a compulsive syndrom with regard to order? Definitely not! I appreciate these images, but my life is not nearly as neat as my blog. And I am glad about it!



About Laura Traldi

I am a journalist at D la Repubblica. I also have a blog about #design that sometimes makes people talk. Visit www.designatlarge.it
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