Tea Time Tattoo


What does a very well to do lady, with a dainty face and a body as tattooed as that of a sailor? If you happen to find her on a dish or a teapot you can rest assured that she is Antie Mary, a spinster from the good old days and secret lover of Prince Hardy: in order to swear eternal love to each other they had their whole bodies tattooed, at the same time. It is one of the stories that brought Alice Giavazzi and Annalaura Giorgio (both 33) to the creation of Ageless, a small Milanese brand. The pair have been previously working together for two years directing extras’mall, Elita’s creative market when they found out they shared a passion for «fabulous scenarios, sustained by soundtracks that range from swing to electronica». Ageless is based is a poetic way of being and living the everyday prior to being an artistic atelier: it is based on the continuous search for objects to be renewed. Not so much because they are beautiful but because they are wonderful storytellers…


Not all objects can obviously turn into such testimonials of romance (as the ones you have found for Auntie Mary and her prince charming). How do you figure out whether an object will talk or not? It’s a process that starts like a coup de foudre – the object has to somehow strikes us not only for its actual beauty but for an array of small details – that is later followed by a more indepth knowledge. Each object has its own identity: when we suddently unveil it and force it to get into contact with a contemporary context, we immediately realize whether it is able to recreate a magic aura in which people from the past can easily act a story. Sometimes we realize we made a mistake and what the object has to tell us is of no interest for us.

Tell me  the story of an object, about how you found it and about what it told you, and how you transformed it.  Last winter, during the Christmas holidays, we rented a home in San Genesio in Tirol. It was a typical mountain home with a trapdoor, impossible not to check it out… in it, we found lots of old things and amongst toys, books, linens and hunting trophies there was also a porcelain coffee set, with silver enamel. We have rediscovered the pleasure of pouring boiling coffee into ancient cups and the caffettiera was much more elegant than a contemporary moka. The old lady, the owner, was very happy for us to use it. This is often the case: the elderly are very proud when young people appreciate their world, it’s a way not to ever forget the past. She ended up giving us the whole thing so we could start experimenting with oven printing – like in t he old days – and we could reveal a new colour for the objects, enhance the decors and do away with some of the silver to let the porcelain shine once again.


In your communications you explain that «the magic of the past joins contemporary creativity». What do you mean? Vintage porcelains are enriched with images that also come from the past but that we consider truly contemporary: the characters we selected for our first collection (Mary and Prince Hardy), stemmed from the circus and the maritime world of the Twenties, with their tatooed bodies embed this idea. Despite the fact that, technically, images we digitized, our ceramics are nonetheless worked with traditional technique, with oven cooking.

Three cult addresses in Milan, where likeminded people could find treasures. Robe Vecchie in Quintosole, the Baggio market, the flee market in San Donato Milanese.

Where can people buy Ageless pieces? They can be ordered on Facebook or via email: infoageless@gmail.com. The Milanese can also go to Quetzal Tatoo in via Ripamonti 2, where a full window is dedicated to us!


About Laura Traldi

I am a journalist at D la Repubblica. I also have a blog about #design that sometimes makes people talk. Visit www.designatlarge.it
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