Is (good) photography the future of real estate?


Young Italian artists Filippo Pietranida e Roberto Prosdocimo are convinced that it is possible to make art and to communicate it in a low cost way. Using this assumption, they were able to get the retail giant LaCasa Agency and Prelios to invest in their project: bringing art to “unconventional” places. Like the building in Corso Italia 13 in Milan, where, until Dec 20th, they have set up their travelling photo exhibition  FRP2 Normal generic landscapes.


The two artists explain what this is all about in an imaginary conversation with Albert Einstein that, in the catalogue, replaces the traditional introduction (don’t miss it, it’s great). Their images «dismantle reality throughout various perceptive levels; they are trains to thought on landscape as an arbitrary portion of space». Starting from a basic image, Pietranida and Prosdocimo add or take away elements that were independently shot». It’s a technique that, despite the very different aesthetic results, reminds of me  Cooper&Gorfer that we  wrote about at length here.


But the reason why I like to mention this initiative is not only related to the beauty of the images. What actually intrigues me is the fact that a retail power such as La Casa Agency dedicates space to a cultural type of communication. As a matter of fact, next to exhibitions, La Casa Agency has also recently revamped their magazine Homepages, and turned it into an actual nice-to-browse interiors publication, strictly no logo. Per questo ho fatto qualche domanda a Piero Capponi, Direttore Comunicazione & Marketing de La Casa Agency.

Why does a retail agency create a magazine?
«The magazine always existed. Only, we turned it into something that recovers the function for which it was originally conceived: the transfer of our values. Our magazine needs to explain who we are and what we mean when we talk about welcoming.

Why do you support cultural happenings such as the  FRP2 exhibition?
«One of the fundamental aspects of a service company for retail clients is the ability to grow with them, to realize a journey side by side and to develop a continous dialogue. The culture route is the one we favour but this is also valid for other sectors such as research, technological development, creativity and innovation. All pillars that we follow for our growth».

In Sweden the Magic Frank agency is a hit: it portrays the homes that it sells after a professional re-styling operated by photographers and stylists. Is this the future of real estate?
«It certainly is one of the possibly scenarios. Today it is fundamental to propose homes in a qualitative manner but also to work with high standards. The future of real estate is professionalism».


Why is Homepages no logo?
«It’s a choice that stems from our communication approach. We want to keep a quiet profile but be transparent. This is what the market asks for at the moment and it fits perfectly with the La Casa Agency values».

How did you select the two artists of  Unconventional?
Filippo Piantanida is a young artist but he already has the great capacity to transmit emotions, even when he deals with technical shots, for instance with estates. We have been working with him for quite some time. We propose to him to realize this travelling project and we were very pleased he accepted. He actually did more by curating the exhibition together with his partner Roberto Prosdocimo. We believe we made the right choice, considering the passion, dedication and sensitivity with which these guys have realize their images. The results speak for themselves: the exhibition is stunning and it was visited by approximately 300 people in each location».


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