I’m replacing the blond bimbo…

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Normal people, “impefect” environments, irony and a flavour for travel. The new Dedon catalogue transforms the way of communicating outdoor furniture. It was high time someone did.

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Few publications manage to be as boring as outdoor furniture catalogues. Beautiful girls by the pool, armchairs that look like thrones, wengĂ© wood seats, white linen pillows and intertwined rattan tables… I doubt anyone, today, can still find such images fascinating, especially considering the fact that this sort of production is clearly targeted to a cultivated, design-oriented customer. Yet, when dealing with outdoors, this is still the prevailing style. There are, luckily, some exceptions.


German company Dedon had already started off a new wave in terms of outdoor communications when it commissioned Bruce Weber with a promotional video a while back. The operation marked the dawn of a new approach that, very much like it happens in fashion, links style with the search for a narrative.

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The further step was that of creating the same magic on a paper publication. The bet was won. After Weber’s catalogue, the 2013 edition of Dedon’s Tour du Monde is edited by Alex Wiederin and it features photographs by Steven Haberland, Oliver Helbig and Rainer Hosch. It is a pleasure to browse through it. Images are alive and turn the furniture into actual characters in a universe that is relaxed and cool but never deprived of irony and that never falls into the usual dream of the grand hotel with the stiff, soulless look.

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