Fancy a tartan bike?

Immagine 1

Low cost solutions with a high visual impact: we love them. Especially these days.

Bike enthusiasts will certainly appreciate Fix Your Bike, the new decorative kit that allows you to customize your bycicle without damaging the oridinal varnish.

It’s a long lasting adhesive film (3 to 5 years), anti-abrasion and UV resistant. It can be applied easily, all you need is a cutter and a meter, no need to dismantle anything. The graphics are by TagMI, the design studio of Danilo Leonardi and Valentina Antinori. Personally, I love this tartan look but there are over 30 decors. And, the designes assure us, there will be more for each season. It’s for sale on


About Laura Traldi

I am a journalist at D la Repubblica. I also have a blog about #design that sometimes makes people talk. Visit
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