Gardening in Rome

Hortus Urbis -  foto di Zappataromana

We have had enough with the winter! Still one month to go before the Spring but the good news for outdoor lovers already start coming in.

The guys behind the diffused gardening project Zappata Romana have just announced the re-start of the horticultural courses in the Hortus Urbis, the experimental area on bio-diversity that they look after together with the Appia Antica Park. In this previously abandoned area (that has been turned, since last year, in a series of communal vegetable gardens) on February 23rd there will be a new series of adults-focused gardening courses. The title of the lessons, given by green expert Enrico Lazzari is “Gardening and horticulture: from theory to practise”. Studens will learn to work the land, seed, do transpants, fight illnesses of plants, explant buds and reproduce them.

I simply adore this type of initiatives that give the possibility, also to those who live in big cities like Rome, to give rhein to their own green thumb. And I particularly appreciate the sensitivity of Zappata Romana who decided to have a baby sitting service for those who wish to attend with kids. After all, they will also certainly have a good time!

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