Ania and Maciej’s non performance


If, during the Design Week in Milan, you happen to see Ania Rosinke and Maciej Chmara stay still and wait. Their presence means that you are about to assist to the transformation of a normal road into a piazza in which people stop to have a nibble and a drink and, above all, an informal chat with strangers.

Ania and Maciej are not chefs. Nor have any ambition to compete with the numerous events dedicated to showcooking that will fill up the whole of the Fuori Salone this year. Yet they probably the only ones who propose the coupling food+design with great spontaneity (which, in my opinion, is the key to a public event’s success). No bookings, no addresses. Basically, either you bump into them or nothing, sorry guys, next time lucky.

The two young designers of Polish origin will go around with a portable mini-kitchen that they invented. The menu? there isn’t one. «We will probably just offer appetizers, we are not sure yet», they say. «There are no invited guests, no exact location, we just like people to stop by chance. During the week, we will certainly organize an actual happening but we don’t want to say when or where otherwise we would spoil the fun».

I have no idea as to what Ania and Maciej’s «non performance» will be like. All I know is that in an environment in which everything is hyper organized (and, increasingly, dominated by invitations and bookings) I sincerely hope to meet them.


About Laura Traldi

I am a journalist at D la Repubblica. I also have a blog about #design that sometimes makes people talk. Visit
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