Design in the garden (or on the balcony)

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The Milan Design Week starts in a few days and you will soon see my selection on events “not to miss” on and on DCasa (on the newstands in Italy with Repubblica on April 6th).  But amongst chic showrooms and experimental designs, one is often left without any actual feasible solutions for their homes. So here is a news for those who wish (or need) to keep their feet well hooked on the ground without giving up on style.

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As from today, the new summer’s collection by Ikea is available in all stores. There are (as usual) lively and lovely fabrics this year coupled with small vases to hang on trees and to decorate with fresh flowers and with stripy beach seats (they are very “fashion”, just check out the latest Dolce&Gabbana collection!). There is, basically, something for everyone’s taste. And wallet.

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