All you knit is love!



There is no doubt that knitting is a passion for an ever increasing number of people. Men, women, childen: it seems that hardly anyone resists to the temptation of the creativity that can stem from a simple ball of wool. As from today, knitting lovers will be less alone, thanks to the dedicated social network, Crowdknitting. Its creators, leveraging on the high amount of creativity that will animate Milan next week during the Fuori Salone, have decided to be physically present: they will thus create a small workshop called Knitting for Yarn Bombing. It sounds threatening but it is only, just as guerrilla gardening, a creative, shared and collective way to turn urban spaces into something more beautifu. The workshop will take place in Milan, on April 10, from 5:30 to 8 pm at Capra e Cavoli in Via Sebenico. It is open to all, until spaces are available. For information:  And for those who dream of turning their passion into a start-up, the date to make in the agenda is April 11th, at 5:30 pm: Ugo Mendez Donelli and Sergio Bonimi of Hugowitz will explain how to do it.

About Laura Traldi

I am a journalist at D la Repubblica. I also have a blog about #design that sometimes makes people talk. Visit
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