Social housing with a twist

Cecile Septet_2

A beautiful project of social architecture that provides also an intelligent use of collective spaces comes from Paris where, in the 18th arrondissement, architects Christophe Ouhayoun and Nicolas Ziesel (aka Koz) have given new life to an derelict building. Located in an area that required urgent cleaning, the house has been thermally isolated and enlarged with a new facade on the road side. Flats have thus become wider and more welcoming. But the real plus was the creation of the inner court, embraced within a prefab wooden shell. Which is definitely beautiful to look at and exquisitively contemporary but also low cost and effective: it took only 4 months to assemble it and finish it. Last, but not least, the garden has turned into the pulsing heart of the building with its collective clothes lines, its common rooms for kids’ and adult activities and the covered areas to use as shared office spaces. Who doesn’t love social housing now?

Foto di Cécile Septet

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