The viewpoint that makes sense


The first time I saw an artwork by  Felice Varini was a few years ago when he re-arranged the Fendi space in Milan, during the Fuori Salone, with an optical graphic that crossed the whole building. On May 16th, the Swiss artist, who has been working for years in Paris, repeats the operation with a series of geometrical-metallic forms set on the 542 meters of Granary Square in London by the Regent’s Canal. The installation is called “Across the Buildings” and it is part of the artistic programme Relay di King’s Cross, curated by Michael Pinsky and Stéphanie Delcroix.
The beauty of the installation? The visual confusion that governs all viewpoints and that makes you think that a mad graffiti artist has been at work all night. And the sudden surprise when you realize that there is one viewpoint that makes true sense, linking together the Fish and Coal Offices, the Midlands Goods Shed and the Granary Building. The installation will be visible until October 18th.

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