About this blog

Did we really need another design blog? Obviously not. There are hundreds of design blogs and at least a dozen are absolutely brilliant. I have no intention of competing with any of them. So I admit it: the world is not going to be a better place thanks to this blog! Yet it exists. There is a simple reason: every day I see, read, hear, touch and get inspired by many more things than those that ever make it on our printed magazine (D, the weekly supplement of Italian daily La Repubblica: d.repubblica.it). What a waste not to share all this wealth with whoever is indeed interested in design and its thereabouts! So if you read this blog, take for what it is: a selection of what’s around now and I consider worth sharing; of opinions, rather than facts.

Why Design@Large? It’s a game of words. In English, it stands for free design. Yet in Italian (the original language in which the blog is written) it sounds a little like ‘design in the wider sense of the word’, hence design & its thereabouts. As a matter of fact, this blog wants to put the spotlight on creativity in the wider meaning of the word, in a thoroughly free-minded way, and against the idea that design is just about chairs, lamps and tables. There will be room for them too (have you ever seen a design addict who is not in love with chairs??) but also for anything that has somewhat interested me because it’s been well thought out, deployed, realized. In other words, nicely designed.

And what about the @? It is there to remind us all that we are in the 21st century square in which everyone (finally) has the right to say what they want. So if you wish to converse, just go ahead. The door is open.


Enjoy it!



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