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Design, ducks and other inflatables

If design was engineering,  B&B Italia  would be the Nasa. So I was obviously excited and curious when I got to the production site of the historical Italian brand in Novedrate, North of Milan. Looking at its futuristic structures it’s … Continue reading

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Giulio Iacchetti: a recipe for happy design

With his «diffused factory» of  interno italiano Giulio Iacchetti proposes the relaunch of craftsmenship as new economic engine. And happiness as the final goal of design. It does not often happen: a book about economics turning into a best seller. … Continue reading

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Astrid Krogh’s tech fabrics (with a soft touch)

Danish designer Astrid Krogh has been working with light and fabrics for many years. She has made power generating curtains, wooden tapistries with interwoven fibreoptics, neon sculptures and installations. Her work, that marries technology with a soft, craftmanship-based design approach, … Continue reading

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An afternoon with Alberto Alessi

Alberto Alessi arrives at our meeting in his office in Crusinallo, by the shores of Lake Orta in Italy, a little breathless. He spent the whole morning working in his vinyard that, he says, in a couple of years will … Continue reading

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«I want to take a position». An interview with Klat’s editor in chief

When it was born, in 2009, Klat was a small editorial case: a paper magazine, created by an independent publisher who openlu refused all commercial mantras (no concessions to advertisers) and who proudly went against the tide in terms of … Continue reading

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Activists engage designers in a Q&A about work conditions

What is the life of a designer really like? How does he or she get paid? How many graduates actually find a job? Who, amongst them, can afford to have children? And to survive without the support of parents, friends … Continue reading

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Tea Time Tattoo

What does a very well to do lady, with a dainty face and a body as tattooed as that of a sailor? If you happen to find her on a dish or a teapot you can rest assured that she … Continue reading

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Enough with self-celebrations about the greatness of Made in Italy. It’s time to rethink ourselves, with inclusion. A chat with Daniele Lago, an entrepreneur who believes in embedding creative thinking everywhere

Foto: Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milano How to renew the relationship between companies and the territory? How can production sites be turned into hubs of creativity and innovation? How should cities change – and optimize services and education, create platforms … Continue reading

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Paolo Cappello: special normality

A chat with designer Paolo Cappello (about him, please see also this story published on DCasa) – also be ready to see his name on a lots of new products issued at the next Salone del Mobile in Milan… What … Continue reading

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I’m into design and I’m off (to China)

«In Italy I could not make ends meet; in Shenzen I am creating a research center in a huge interiors company». Jacopo Zibardi tells me about what daily life is like for a young designer in China. Who do … Continue reading

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