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Giulio Iacchetti: a recipe for happy design

With his «diffused factory» of  interno italiano Giulio Iacchetti proposes the relaunch of craftsmenship as new economic engine. And happiness as the final goal of design. It does not often happen: a book about economics turning into a best seller. … Continue reading

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Design & crafts. Where is the (real) news?

Last night at Design Circle (the circuit of open conferences/debates organized by Patrizia Coggiola and hosted this time by Skitsch) we have been talking about crafts and design. A topic on which, normally, everyone agrees: manual skills have to be … Continue reading

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Why I appreciate Giulio Iacchetti

Who feels like reading (a lot), should download the full story here. For the lazy ones, here in short: 1) because he is aware of the fact that design will not change the world 2) because despite that he tries to change … Continue reading

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Homeless: a new way of producing design (and an open competition)

I am really looking forward to visiting Homeless www.homelessdesign.net during the Fuori Salone. It is a platform that aims at renewing the working and creative relationship between designers and craftsmen: a sort of new (ancient?) business model that makes it possible to … Continue reading

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Giulio Iacchetti: harmonious differences

Like an Italian piazza. The arts de la table collection by Giulio Iacchetti for Vhernier De Vecchi, introduced at Maison Objet, echoed the pretenceless essence of many places that are stunning in their effortless simplicity. As it often happens in … Continue reading

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Haiti, design & the earthquake

“The majority of designers address their efforts towards 10% of the world population: the rich. The rest of the planet is totally ignored”. It was not Occupy Wall Street to start talking about the poor in terms of percentages. In design … Continue reading

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It’s all about (manual) work: Giulio Iacchetti tells us

Designer Giulio Iacchetti has just presented us with a beautiful exercise on how contemporary design can marry craftmanship (and live happy ever after). Giulio has directed 4 colleagues  (Federico Angi, Carlo Contin, Dunja Weber and Studio 4P1B) in a workshop … Continue reading

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